Podcast 5 – Investments & Pensions

Welcome to our fifth podcast in our Financial Expert series. Here we focus on the big personal finance issues – investing and pensions !! We look at all the questions you have about your money and finances – household finances, managing saving and investing, and the topical issue of planning your retirement. #financialfreedom #pensions #savings

Podcast Four – Managing your Savings

Welcome to our fourth Podcast in our Financial Expert series. In this podcast the focus is on savings and how to make the most out of your hard earned money! We will cover interest rates and the need for a financial buffer to cover those unexpected financial events. Having a savings strategy is important as […]

Podcast 3 – Household Finances & Money Management

Welcome to our third Podcast in our series. This podcast which is all about managing your Household Finances and deals with the basics of money management. It will cover areas such as – Understanding and Signing Contracts – Financial Records – Monitoring income and expenses – Drawing Up a budget – the Basics of managing […]