Remuneration Policy

We operate a transparent charging structure. As an Insurance Intermediary, our principal method of remuneration is by commission and other payments from the Product Producers with whom business is placed. Summary details of these payments will be included in the product information document, which you will receive before a proposal for a product is completed. Extended details will be included in your policy document pack.

You also have the option to pay for our services on a Fee Basis and/or by way of a combination of commissions and fees. Our basic hourly rate is €200 per hour for Directors, €100 per hour for Support Staff and €250 per hour for Corporate Financial planning. The first consultation/meeting is held in our offices and is held at our expense. We may charge additional fees for more complex cases or to reflect specialist skills or urgency. We will confirm and agree any higher fees with you in advance of providing our service to you. If we receive commission from a Product Provider, this will be offset against the fee we charge you. Once the insurance has been arranged, any fees paid are non-refundable.